Fun! Japanese

Let’s play the 2choices quiz and learn Japanese words and standard pronunciation now!

4.5 stars on App Store

Fun! JapaneseApp Store4.5

“Fun Japanese” is a simple quiz app to learn standard Japanese pronunciation and words ,it’s free APP.

[2 choices quizes]

It could learn japanese standard pronouncation and words, like a[kado (corner)] [ka-do (card)] [ichi(one)] [icchi(consistent)] and so on, it sounds very similar pronunciation pronunciation do distinguish by 2 choices quizes.

it also features a japanese syllabary with native japnese sounds, so even beginners of Japanese learner will learn and enjoy.
(Syllabary sounds including (voiceless, voiced, half voiced, bend sound) sound and Katakana, Hiragana)

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App Reviews(RSS)

  • 轻松有趣的学习软件 2019年1月16日
    纠正了我的发音。 很喜欢
  • 发音不标准 2018年12月18日
  • 很好的软件 2017年6月19日
  • 听力里念的两个词几乎没差别 2017年4月21日
  • 非常好的学习日语的应用 2016年12月4日
    可以玩儿着学习日语,还有日本本地人的发音,非常标准 。 很好的应用